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Our solutions for the Nautical sector

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made to measure in PLEXIGLASS for boats ...


We have various thicknesses and colors , transparent and smoked.

The world of boating requires materials for out-door use with UV and protective screens. The most requested products are windshields and portholes, but for some time now we have been receiving requests from shipyards for seats, doors for cabins, furnishing elements and patented space-saving solutions.

Mt Plex offers today specific services for the nautical sector:

  • Windscreen

  • Railings

  • porthole

  • Doors and covers

  • Instrument protection

also in furniture and customization:

  • tables

  • Sessions

  • Ports

  • Signage

  • Furniture panels

  • Pre-spaced logos and writings

  • Trays and Cutlery

There are few limits of application of our materials, what are you waiting for to contact us.